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A four month search was initiated to find
the new Benji in an animal shelter so those famous
big brown eyes could help with adoptions all across the country.
Read about the Search below.

The original Benji was rescued by trainer Frank Inn from the Burbank Animal Shelter, and the American Humane Association has reported that, because of that fact, and the publicity generated by it, more than one million dogs have been adopted across the country. For that reason, Benji's creator, Joe Camp, toured the country for four months, visiting animal shelters everywhere searching for the next Benji, helping, once again, to raise public awareness about the wonderful pets that can be found and adopted in shelters around the country.

We are proud to announce that, since August of 2001, the search for the new Benji, her introduction, and the completion of her first movie have generated more than one billion exposures on television, radio, and in newspapers for the adoption efforts of shelters and rescue groups everywhere! And raised adoption levels wherever there was media coverage. The Humane Society of South Mississippi, where the new Benji was discovered, doubled their adoption numbers the month after Benji was adopted, emptying the shelter entirely. Unfortunately, as soon as the media coverage disappears, adoption levels drop. So Benji has made it her mission to develop Benji's Buddies, an exciting new program that will ultimately bring continuous media exposure to the problem of finding more homes for more homeless pets.

And Joe has joined Mike Arms, Gregory Castle, and others who have made it their mission to not only bring the adoption message to the public, but to get through to all the shelter professionals and volunteers with the message that the adoption of homeless animals and thus the saving of those animals' lives must be approached as a business. The competition (backyard puppy mills, pet stores, etc) certainly approach their sales as a business, and a well-promoted one at that. It's time that the animal rescue and adoption community decide to compete and do the same. We can eliminate euthanasia in this country, but it takes hard work, creative strategy, and, for many, a different approach to the effort.

Throughout the promotion of Benji's latest movie in 2004 and after, Benji has participated in benefits all over the country to help raise money for shelters and to promote awareness of the unconditional love awaiting folks at their local shelter.

Benji's Budies will be able to help with the effort by providing materials and methods that will reach audiences which are normally unaffordable and unreachable with the limited budgets and staffs of most shelters.